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January 2022

Chipper Cash: How to Register; Send & Receive Money Internationally; Request Chipper Virtual Card; Upgrade Your Chipper Wallet; All you need to Know

Africa had a big issue of transmitting money within the countries in the continent. This, unlike money transfers overseas (Europe, America), was not because of strict regulations against Africa. It was merely because there was no medium to use to make the transfers.  This problem gave birth to the launch of the all-important Chipper Cash app.

Failed POS Transaction? See How to Get a Failed POS Payment Reversed to Your Account; Common POS Errors Meanings

Paying for goods bought with your card is probably one of the easiest things to do these days. I mean - choose account type, enter PIN, and off you go! For most Nigerian banks, you can do transactions up to 1 million naira worth daily via the Point of Sales machine. You can also ask your bank to increase that for you as well. It, however,

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