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April 2020

Kakeibo – How to Save and Spend The Japanese Way

In many things, the Japanese people are a wonder to behold. Masters of minimal living, the way they pay consistent attention to micro-mini aspects of their lives is mindblowing. Reading about them and meeting many of them has given me insights as to how their thought processes could be so simplistic. The Kakeibo, Japanese art of saving and

OPay – How to Sign Up | How to Apply/Get and Use OPay Card

OPay is a one-stop mobile money platform for payments, transportation, food and grocery delivery, and other vital services in everyday life. Millions of users rely on their services every day for their transactions. As over  60% of people in Africa remain unbanked, access to basic financial services is limited. Opay presents the ‘unbanked’

Get a Loan in Minutes: 8 Best Loan Apps in Nigeria

Before now, anyone who wished to take a loan in Nigeria would first have written a worded application. Get two reputable references. Go to his or her bank's head office. Hand in the application alongside the birth certificate, valid ID card, statement of purpose, other ridiculous things and maybe a ‘harmless’ tip to make the waiting time shorter.

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